THIS Is How Excited Jim Lampley Is For Golovkin-Canelo

Anticipation is high, I dare say across the board, for boxing fans as they count down to the middleweight super fight unfolding Saturday in Las Vegas, pitting veteran hammerfist Gennady Golovkin against the Mexican fight icon of his day, Canelo Alvarez.

Just how high, I posed to HBO Hall of Fame blow by blow man Jim Lampley.

Can you compare, I asked him on the latest Everlast “TALKBOX” podcast, your excitement level for this bout to others in your 31 years of calling fights?

Short list, he told listeners of the pod.

“I can think of three or four fights, no more than that, where I have been this excited,” he told us, Tuesday, days before calling the action on HBO PPV with Max Kellerman and Roy Jones.

“I was this excited for the second Barrera-Morales fight, the first fight had been so shockingly violent, and so close.”

“I was this excited for Kevin Kelly against Prince Naseem Hamed, at Madison Square Garden, because I just knew that Prince Naseem’s first fight in the United States was going to be spectacular.”

“I was this excited for the first Gatti-Ward fight, because I knew the matchup would produce absolute mayhem, and it did.”

“And I was this excited for Joshua-Klitschko, earlier this year, because of the 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium and the potential for two, big-punching heavyweights to really go at each other, and it happened. And that’s the fight of the year so far. But this is the one. This is the number-one most aggressive and effective straight-ahead attacker in the sport (Golovkin) against the best aggressive counter-puncher in the sport (Canelo). Skill level is going to be tremendously high, you don’t see that very often. The level of violence is going to be tremendously high. There haven’t been many times in my 31 years in calling fights that I’ve been as thrilled as I am to be ringside calling the fights as I am Saturday night.”

Michael Woods
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