Top Five Best Hair in Boxing

Chris Colbert’s pink hair was to raise awareness for breast cancer research. 

There are some notable names fighting this weekend and one that we are on the lookout for is Chris Colbert. Always a treat to watch because of his technical skill, Lil B’Hop also brings a dynamic style and charisma to the ring. For his last bout Colbert sent the Twittersphere into a tizzy, sporting a new, very pink, hairdo. This immediately brought up the question “If boxing is a sport that places emphasis on standing out, why don’t more fighters follow in Colbert’s footsteps and get away from the traditional buzz cut?” Well, as we did a little digging we found out there are a select few that have mastered the art of the flow. So here is our pound for pound list of the fighters with the best hair in the game.

  1. Naoya Inoue – Looking like the main character out of a Japanese Manga (graphic novel), Naoya Inoue’s hair is salon quality. It’s amazing that it stays in place when he moves so fast.

  1. Carl Frampton – Even after a fight, The Jackal always looks like he’s ready to suit up and go on a spy mission. If the MI6 needs a replacement for James Bond, Carl may be the guy.

  1. Jarret Hurd – If hair directly correlates to skill well then this is the cut to have. Jarrett “Swift” Hurd’s hair is definitely what’s “in” right now. Stars in other sports, most notably Odell Beckham Jr., can be seen rocking similar haircuts.

  1. Cassius Chaney – How can you not have this man on the list? This up and coming heavyweight knocks people out and shares a birth name with Muhammad Ali all while rocking the hell out of this afro. You can tell Cassius loves life as a pro since he now gets to leave the headgear at home.


  1. David Lemieux – It’s form over function here. As a general rule fighters shouldn’t have to worry about their vision being obstructed by hair. David Lemieux, on the other hand, leans right into the issue. Even though he paid the price for it in his fight against GGG, the long Mohawk gives him his signature intimidating look and the top spot on this list.

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