Trainer Roach Predicts KO Win For Machado in NYC Tonight

Freddie Roach of California hit NYC, for good reason, as he’s cornering Alberto Machado, the 130 pound titlist who fights Yuandale Evans at the MSG Theater this evening.

“Dedham Freddie” told NYF that Machado is in fine form, and he expects Machado to get the W on HBO this evening; the fights start at 10 PM ET, with a Heather Hardy v Shelly Vincent scrap kicking things off for the cabler.

“We’re gonna knock him out, one hundred percent,” Freddie said, when asked how he assesses the face-off pitting the Puerto Rican promoted by Miguel Cotto with Golden Boy, against the underdog promoted by Lou Dibella.

The tutor said he likes working with Jose Zepeda (a 30-1 lightweight), Trey Lippe (a 15-0 heavyweight), Tommy Morrison’s kid, and a bunch of young guns on the come up.

“If I have to watch a fight on my cell phone, it’s not gonna happen,” he cracked, when I asked him about other boxing news, like what he thinks of DAZN. (His handler noted she got him Apple TV, so he can throw the stream to the big screen, FWIW.)

Then it was off to the rules meeting for the Mass. man. He didn’t touch on his thought on the fact that his most famous (ex) client, Manny Pacquiao, is still doing his thing with a new crew, with Buboy Fernandez now his primary corner man.

Yeah, it goes to show, the only true constant in life is change…


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