Trainer Sanchez Is Asked If Father Time Has Gotten To Golovkin

Abel Sanchez hasn’t won the BWAA Trainer of the Year award because he’s not bright. The Cali based tutor knows his field of interest, and has a few decades of working those fields under his belt. So he knows, when you got a thoroughbred like Gennady Golovkin, and the horse starts accumulating birthdays, you can back off a bit in the training.

In NYC on Monday, for a press conference to bang the drums for the “Middleweight Madness” title unification scrap Saturday at MSG between the fighting pride of Kazahkstan and Brooklyner/cancer slayer Daniel Jacobs, Sanchez told us that his “kid” sparred less this time around.

“About 75 rounds,” said Sanchez, of Golovkin’s sparring output for this camp, to ready himself for what could be the stiffest test of his pro career. Jacobs might have the explosivity to fire at GGG with more speed than anyone the amiable middleweight ace has tangoed with.

Yes, Sanchez said, when I asked if that was less than they used to do, it is. And why? Because, the trainer said, GGG will turn 35, on April 8. He doesn’t want to tax him so much in training. “But he hasn’t been in those wars, those fights that take it out of you,” the trainer said, when I asked if he’d noted any damage done by Father Time on Gennady. “I haven’t seen any signs. But it happens to everyone, it does. But no, not yet in Gennady.”

Michael Woods
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