Tyson Fury Is Hoping For THIS On Dec. 1…Or Is He, Really?

Who of you believes that THIS will happen on Dec. 1 at Staples Center, and while people watch this heavyweight mashup pitting Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder on PPV?

Who expects Tyson Fury wants, and would allow, at his volition, a “war,” as he Tweeted out on Saturday?

It’s simply not his way, the only time we’ve seen that from him previously are when he got caught a few times not being the skilled and savvy defender, very adept and aware defensively in a few bouts. You saw him dictate a slow pace and tone against Wladimir Klitschko…and in his comeback fights. And most certainly not engage in slobberknockers against Christian Hammer or Dereck Chisora.

Yes, you saw Steve Cunningham get to him, back in 2013..


..and many of you are hanging your hat on that knockdown by the ex cruiser champ as to why Wilder will catch, drop and stop the Traveller.

That possibility makes the bout intriguing…but what sort of bout will you be privvy to?

Know it going in that we are quite likely NOT likely to see Fury and Wilder “smashing each other all over the ring.”

Guts will be on display, as with any two beings facing off in a squared circle…but the distinct possibility exists that blood won’t be, because Fury is a good athlete and a tricky pugilist who knows how not to get hit.

Of course, I hope to be proved erroneous, and we see a solid rumble Dec. 1.

Talk to me, friends; any of you all thinking we will see “middle of the ring” trading between Fury and Wilder in Cali?

Michael Woods
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