Update On Lomachenko v Linares

Vasyl Lomachenko is regarded as no worse than the third best boxer on the planet. Jorge Linares shows frequent glimpses of talent which has the look of pound for pound top ten stuff.

Both hold belts, Loma at 130, Linares at 135. They traded barbs and jesting putdowns in social media.

Seems like they are on a collision course, yes? Seems to make sense that the Ukrainian pugilist-specialist and the classy talent from Venezuela would do a violent waltz, right?

Linares seems to want it, and Loma’s manager, Egis Klimas, told me Team Loma likes the matchup. “As far as I know promoter (Top Rank) is negotiating,” Klimas told me. “We love it! All team wants it, Linares wants it. Let’s do it!”

And what about the Golden Boy folks; they rep the 32 year old Linares…

Eric Gomez, the GBP president,  was asked if there was any movement on a Linares v Loma mashup? “Nope, zero.  Arum hasn’t called us at all,” he said. Linares, who as a teen left Venezuela for Japan and kicked off a career while guided by that region’s ace promoter, Akihiko Honda, still retains Honda as co promoter. According to Gomez, “Honda ordered (Arum) to call us.”

OK, then….

I asked of a Top Ranker, executive Carl Moretti, for an update. No comment at this time, I was told.

So, you will need to wait to get clarity on Lomachenko’s next. There’s been reignited chatter about a Loma vs Pac-Man bout, at some point, so who knows…Maybe somehow that pairing is impacting the faceoff we’re examining.

Michael Woods
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