Update on the Golden Boy vs. Haymon Boxing Scrap

MMA writer Paul Gift of Bloody Elbow snagged docs pertaining to the lawsuit Golden Boy has lodged against Al Haymon, accusing Haymon of looking to monopolize boxing.

Good stuff in there, with some insights into the nuts and bolts of how Haymon, notably hesitant to share his ways and means in doing his thing in this sphere of business, operates.

For instance, depositions show that Haymon doesn’t take any cut to act in the advisor role to his massive stable of fighters.

Also, it looks like internally at PBC, the school of thought is that this thing better take off in 2017, that the sport as presented by them better become attractive enough for networks to pay for the product inside of 2017, or they will decide that the market won’t be there, period.

PBC got off the runway in March 2015, suffered some growing pains in 2016, and will need to accelerate their vehicle next year, or their powers that be could decide to call it a day.

One amusing element: internal emails have some PBC people referring to the ex music impresario as “the King” as they bat about ideas on how to make PBC more successful. Elvis, we wonder, would he approve?

Check out the work from Gift, it is illuminating.

Michael Woods
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