Victor Ortiz Wants Rematch With Floyd Mayweather

I’ve heard Victor Ortiz say many things, and say many things much less sound than this….

Ortiz, the 31 year old hitter from Cali, has been a pro since 2004. He’s a social media favorite in years past for making pronouncements that sometimes defy easy categorization.

But the 32-6-3 fighter appeared on the Randy and Gerry Sirius show on Monday, and was asked about maybe angling for a rematch with Floyd Mayweather. “Money” stopped him out in controversial fashion in 2011, in the fight before Floyd handled Miguel Cotto.

So, what about being that foe for Floyd, if Floyd comes back soon-ish, from his 16th retirement?

“I don’t think that that fight was ever fairly finished,” Ortiz said on Sirius. “I think we have a lot of unfinished business. Absolutely, I think it would be a great rematch between Floyd Mayweather and I. You can call me a tune-up for sure. I’m left-handed; I have a very similar style to Manny Pacquiao. Aggressive, speedy but not as speedy, I think I’m right there. Not far-fetched from a tune-up fight for preparing for a great fighter such as Manny.”

Victor is due to glove up Sept. 30 against John Molina, in what promises to be a smash-up.

So, what do we think; any hope in hell of this? Floyd would want some sort of novelty for his tune-up, right? And, I don’t know, I’m dubious of Floyd doing a tune up, ever. The guy likes his checks gaudy. A tune up isn’t going to command the payoffs he desires. Whay say you all?

Michael Woods
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