Vinny Paz Accused Of Assault, Calls Accuser An “Effing Liar”

Blood and guts boxer Vinny Pazienza thrilled fight fans with his rapacious attitude in the ring wars he regularly engaged in as a professional from 1983 to 2004.

The Rhode Island-based hitter, age 55, is now staring down a challenge of a different sort, as he stands accused of beating up a man, and is facing a felony assault charge.

Paz was a staple on USA’s Tuesday Night Fights, where his frenetic pacing—he’d usually down a bunch of espresso shots before heading to the ring—made him a fan favorite. A new generation of fight fans were turned on to his comeback kid story when Miles Teller portrayed the Pazmanian Devil in “Bleed For This,” a big budget Hollywood handling of Paz’ juiciest life chapters, which included breaking his neck in a car accident and comeing back to fight and win world titles.

WJAR-TV reported that Paz, who holds a 50-10 mark as a pro and won crown sat 135, 154 and 168, surrendered Wednesday morning, a day after Providence Police issued an arrest warrant and that he’d be arraigned in Providence (RI) District Court.

Paz told WPRI-TV that he got robbed, “and when that happens, you gotta do what you gotta do.” The complainant has countered that he didn’t steal from the former fighter, and that Paz messed up his face.

The kerfuffle made TMZ, which said that the pummeled man, named as Nathaniel Lavoie, stole $16,000 from Paz.

I messaged Paz on Tuesday night and he responded: “Fucking liar! My house robbbed! I tried to help him. He is saying I assaulted him ! NO! Look at him! Liar !”

The judges, er, judge will decide….

Michael Woods
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