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The biggest news coming out of the boxing world this week was the postponement of the Klitschko vs Fury heavyweight fight. This news broke after Klitschko reportedly suffered a calf injury while training. This is definitely a big blow to fans who were anticipating this fight not only because of the action that could be involved, but the crazy antics of Fury during the press conferences. Whether it was Fury wearing a batman costume while simultaneously beating up the joker,  or the anger that ensued after Klitschko called Fury a clown; this fight was building up to be a classic. As of now, there is no make up date in place, but we all hope this fight can be rescheduled soon! Check out the full article on the postponement below:

Source: Klitschko vs Fury Postponement 



When you think of boxing, you think of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, and even Floyd Mayweather. The name Deontay Wilder doesn’t come to mind as often as it potentially could. This great article by the Huffington Posts discusses the next “Face of Boxing.” Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder is a heavyweight world champion with an amazing story on how he got here, what he fights for, and what his goals are. With the retirement of Mayweather, America is looking for that next guy to cling onto and build up like Floyd; and many believe that can be The Bronze Bomber. If you don’t already know Deontay Wilder and his story, then this one is a must read!

Source: Can Deontay Wilder Save Boxing From Floyd Mayweather?



In an age of technology, every tech company, sports league, etc is looking for a way to not only engage their fans, but to give the most accurate statistics possible. In this Sky News article, HBO discusses the plan to put sensors in boxing gloves to show just how fast and hard punches land during live fights on TV. HBO has apparently not only been awarded a patent for the sensor technology, but has been testing it for years. This follows a move from the NFL to add computer chips to the shoulder pads of each player. Finally, boxing fans can really see how hard their favorite boxer punches during fight night!

Source: Boxing Glove Sensors To Show Punch Power On TV



Are we, the fans, at fault for Johny Hendricks lack of a title fight? Hendricks sure believes so. In this article by Bloody Elbow, Hendricks is lobbying for another shot at Lawler for the welterweight title and believes not only is the UFC at fault, but the fans are as well for not wanting to give him another shot. Interesting stance from Hendricks, and probably not the best thing to say when the fans are the ones in control of these polls. If you want to read more of this interesting take from Hendricks, see the article below!

Source: Hendricks: Fans are partly to blame for my lack of a title shot



With all the blood and broken bones in today’s MMA, the idea of it getting more violent is kind of hard to picture. Former bellator champion Joe Warren gives his take on how the sport may continue to evolve by stating that younger kids are going to be so technically sound that when someone throws a punch or a kick, it’s going to knock out the opponent. Warren, who didn’t even start to fight until he was 32 years old, claims that he would have been on top from the age of 25 to 35 if he would have started sooner. To check out the full article on the growth of the sport, read the article below!

Source: Future of MMA: It’s going to get more violent

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