Whaddya Think About Mayweather Vs Broner?

How does this fight strike you?

Floyd Mayweather, comebacking after his 19th retirement, taking on “little bro” Adrien Broner

“Money” against ex protege, the living legend against the guy built up to be an heir to that throne…but someone whose career arc hasn’t gone along the lines as was hoped for by optimists who saw hand speed and a gift for self hype which prompted talk of him replacing Mayweather.

A win over Mayweather would restore all the luster to Broner, who has been beset by brushes with Johnny Law and regular cries for help on social media, which have made people fear for his very being. A win over Floyd would overpower all previous negative press…and, but of course, generate transcendent media attention, from mainstream press like TMZ and other outlets knowing that the trash talk would be A grade.

This is just rumor mill stuff, but it’s being talked about it, Mayweather v Broner.

Stay tuned, because you know Floyd seems close to announcing some specifics to satisfy his urge to earn another ludicrously large paycheck.

Michael Woods
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