What About Dogboe vs De La Hoya?

Last year, none of you reading this knew who Isaac Dogboe was.
OK, maybe like two of you…
But this kid from Ghana, who lives in London, wasn’t on radar screens.
That changed, and like ten of you figured out that he was one to watch in January of 2018, when he beat Cesar Juarez and got the interim WBO super bantam crown. Dogboe really upped his profile when he went at it with Jessie Magdaleno before their April 2018 tango, and slung toxic verbal mud at the title-holder, and the fact that he then stopped the 25-0 scrapper signed to Top Rank had a few more folks hopping on his bandwagon. Guy walked the talk..
The bandwagon is now pretty damn full, after he took out Japanese vet Hidenori Otake in violent fashion on Saturday night.

Triumph feels good. Mikey Williams pic from Aug. 25.

A leaping lead left hook wowed the crowd, and his finishing instinct sent notice that he wants to give fans good bang for the buck; even veteran fight writers accustomed to concussive displays wreaked.  I saw Randy Gordon Tweet out that this kid looks like a pound for pound level talent.
Violent KOs will do that; they conjure buzz and optimism about a pugilist in such an efficient way. Trainer-analyst Manny Steward so got it, comprehended so completely that winning by KO was such a stellar short cut to greater prominence and pay-grade improvement, and I am happy to take his ball and try to advance it so young fighters wrap their brains around the undeniable fact. Hey, yo, it’s all about the kayo…
A day and two later, and now three days later, I’m still fixating a bit on this Dogboe, who has two fights left with Top Rank, as they received options to co-promote him, with Isaac’s dad, Paul, when he beat Magdaleno.
He came on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast to take a victory lap, and shared that he wants to fight twice more this year. “I was ready to fight a week after my win,” which came in Arizona, and on ESPN, Dogboe (pronounced “DOG-BAY,”  told us.
The fighter several times gave credit to God for his success and told us that God’s hand help guide his hooks that rattled Otake’s brain pan. As far as his own steering of fate, and what more he’d like to accomplish at 122 pounds, the fighter said he wants to unify the belts. That means WBC belt-holder Rey Vargas, WBA champ Daniel Roman and IBF ace Ryosuke Iwasa are on notice. I noticed that in the WBO, Diego De La Hoya is ranked No. 1.
That sounds like a match that Dogboe might like, I noted, being that De La Hoya has that all important name recognition factor. “Better to ask if HE wants to fight me,” said the London resident.
Point taken…
So, I reached out to Golden Boy Promotions’ executive Eric Gomez.
What about it, Eric, would Diego like to take on the Ghana native?
“I’m sure he would,” Gomez told me. “He will have a tune up in October.  Maybe after.”
Got it; hey, fight fans, talk to me. 126 is pretty darned stacked. You wanting Dogboe to maybe not move forth on the 122 unification plan, and instead inject himself into the mix with names like Gary Russell Jr, Leo Santa Cruz, Oscar Valdez and Carl Frampton? Dogboe told us that he likes to hear those names in conjunction with him, all except Frampton. He’s too fond of the Irishman, and so no amount of money would change his mind on that. No Dogboe vs Frampton fight is in the cards, not now or ever.

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