When George Foreman Fought “The Rock’s” Dad

Before he was best known as the man who sired “The Rock,” Dwayne Johnson’s dad had his own time in the sun.

He worked in the pro wrestling sphere, as “Rocky Johnson (pic below),” and had a strong fan base on both coasts and in between.

Johnson shined in the World Wrestling Federation, and teamed with Tony Atlas to become the first black duo to hold the straps. But back before he entered into the theatrical realm of sports entertainment, Johnson had his eyes set on being a pro boxer. And in that time, he sparred with the likes of George Foreman. It says on his Wikipedia page….

And in fact Foreman told Everlast that this Wiki factoid checks out.

“Back in Hayward, Ca. days,” Foreman recalled, of the location he moved to after the 1968 Olympics and where he had a home. “He was one of a lot of tough guys wanting to be boxers. His son sure made a name for himself!”

I was curious…did the Rock’s pop come back and work with Foreman again after the first sparring stint?

“As I can remember, he was a fast moving kid, so I didn’t try to hurt him. Just working my traps and cutting off the ring,” the living legend and grill-master stated. “He was not a giant.”

So there you have it; Wikipedia gets a bad rap from teachers—my kids are told not to rely on it—but Wiki gets a gold star for this tidbit.

Michael Woods
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