WHO? Who Is Your Pound For Pound Number One, Loma, Crawford or Inoue?

Naoya Inoue‘s demolition job over Emmanuel Rodriguez on Saturday in Scotland, in the World Boxing Super Series semi-final, shifted some hearts and minds.

That guy right there is pound for pound number one, the best active boxer on this or any known planet, enthused many folks on social media.

The power, the precision, the balance…did I mention THE POWER?

Ouch! The SOUND his body shots make…

Bodies round the world ached in sympathy for Rodriguez (19-1), a 26 year old Puerto Rican.

If maybe you missed it, you might want to track down the effort, DAZN screened it. So, Inoue, a 26 year old Japan-based pugilist, rises to 18-0, with 16 KOS. And does he also rise to Number 1 pound for pound?

Did he leap-from Loma…did he better Bud?

CompuBox did some compare/contrast…

…and the results don’t jettison Inoue from the discussion.

Now, for sure, this is a most debatable subject. You might give more credit to guys in “busier” weight divisions, with more athletes competing within them. You might take a point from Inoue because the 118 pounds class is not as packed as 130-140 and 147. Yeah, this subject can’t be settled, it is the ultimate theoretical exercise. Still…

The nickname “The Monster” really fits Inoue, and this is good news, his ascendence, because boxing now has another legit ace that people can marvel at, and he might be the number one ass-kicker in the game…thought Deontay Wilder fans could take issue with that contention!


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