Wilder – Szpilka Press Conference Recap

Edison Ballroom – New York, NY – In front of a packed crowd, Lou DiBella spoke to the crowd about the upcoming heavyweight fight this Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The CEO of the Barclays Center, Brett Yormark, came to the podium to state his excitement for this fight and said “It’s an exciting way to kick off Brooklyn Boxing for the 2016 season!” Yormark went on to give his opinion on each fighters style, and how he thinks this fight will play out Saturday night by saying it will be an exciting one for the fans.


When it was time to get to the fighters, you could see the anticipation and excitement building. Two world heavyweight titles on the same night in Brooklyn for the first time in 115 years will surely excite the boxing community. First up to the podium was seasoned veteran Vyacheslav Glazkov. No translator needed as Glazkov is known to have, he thanked the crowd and media for showing up and he is excited to fight Saturday night for the vacant IBF title. With Lou DiBella briefly forgetting to introduce Charles Martin, he finally got up to the podium to give thanks to everyone in his life who made this opportunity happen for him. “I’d like to thank my mom for making me into such a tough guy” Martin stated with a smile on his face. The well dressed Martin is excited to be apart of a great card and is looking to take, what he referred to as “mine” when referring to the IBF title belt.

Now, to the main event. DiBella reminded the crowd of the scuffle that happened yesterday at the One World Trade Center between Wilder and Szpilka (if you haven’t seen it yet, click here) that certainly put a fire behind this fight even more! DiBella stated that both guys are professionals, and although tensions were high yesterday, both of these men will show that inside the ring Saturday. First up to the podium was Artur Szpilka who used a translator for most of his speech. Szpilka stated he is appreciative of the opportunity that was given to him, and he is looking forward to becoming the first Polish heavyweight title holder in the country’s history. Szpilka also acknowledged the respect he used to have for Wilder before constantly talking about how he was going to bash his face in, and the constant jawing coming from Wilder before changing back to English to yell into the mic “AND NEW, WBC heavyweight champion of the world.”


Wilder was clearly ready to get up there and give his speech now and it showed. The almost 10 minute speech ranged from thanking his fans and team, to the reason why he’s fighting, and how he wants to unify the belts and be known as the one true heavyweight champion of the world. Wilder said “I’m not gonna stand here and say I’m going to bash his head, or peel his melon back, I don’t want to say that this time” but instead will let his actions speak louder than his words. One of the best parts of the speech was when Wilder acknowledged his belt which was in a nice leather covered briefcase that had a fur pillow and hood for it and doesn’t plan on giving “her” up anytime soon. After Wilder gave thanks to everyone, and told fans to make it out Saturday night, he followed in Szpilka’s footsteps by yelling “AND STILL” before briefly pausing to stare at Szpilka, “heavyweight champion of the world” followed by his signature saying “BOOOOMMMMBBBSSSQQQQUUUAAADDDDDDD.”


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