Will FOX Replay The Errol Spence-Mikey Garcia Fight?

Word is more than 300,000 buys were activated for the March 16 fight card topped by Errol Spence versus Mikey Garcia, and an underwhelming undercard.

Some fight fans were thinking that there would be no way that the PPV would do more buys than the December Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder scrap…and some thought that because Fox had been hammering the Texas fight promotion, headed by Premier Boxing Champions.

Fury-Wilder did about 325,000 buys—though I caution you, it’s not wise to ever put forth a PPV tally as exact, because persons tend to treat the numbers like late teen boys do when asked how many beings they’d had the pleasure of being intimate with…

There will be continuing interest in the main event fight, being that some folks who were busy washing their hair, or are adverse to seeing their cable bill bloat from tubby to morbidly obese after tacking on a PPV payment due, will want to see just how Spence was able to win a virtual shutout. Also, some will be curious as to just how egregious it was that Robert Garcia didn’t throw in the white towel and save his brother from his own bravery. And also, some folks will be curious to see if Mikey truly didn’t try to win like he should have.

So…when will your frugal self be able to watch Spence take Garcia down two notches, and prove that what he thought he saw was not reality?

“The PPV will be available for 30 days for additional purchases – VOD style,” said a FOX spokesperson. “We’ll then put it on FS1 in about 60 days.”

There ya go; here is another example of a shift in practices in this new era of boxing coverage and platform shifting.


George Foreman and Joe Goossen both appeared on talk box and spoke on the Spence-Garcia win.

George Foreman and Joe Goossen both appeared on talk box and spoke on the Spence-Garcia win.


Listen to the “Talkbox” podcast to hear analyst Joe Goossen weigh in on Spence-Garcia, and George Foreman opine on if Spence can go down as the best fighter from Texas in history. 

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