Will Garcia License Renewal Get Nixed?

If I had to guess, and guess is all I can do, as I am not privy to the inner thoughts of the collective that is the New York State Athletic Commission, I would think Angel Garcia will get a stern speaking to when he tries to get a cornerman license renewed in NY.

Angel, you will recall, went all in Angel at the presser at Barclays Center to hype the March 4 tango between his son Danny, not a chip off the excitability block, and Keith Thurman.

That Jan 18 welterweight title extravaganza was enjoyed by some, who think Angel’s histrionics help break the monotony of the cliche fests that often overwhelm press conferences.

Others, they thought Angel was a man overboard. Slinging the N word, even if it sounded like the slang-ey new age version employed by the kids in many regions, stripped of the sting of the original intent, came off as disrespectful at best and unhinged and hugely inappropriate at worst.

Promoter Lou Dibella Tweeted after that he thought there was and is no place for such bombast and profanity outbursts within pugilism.

So, will Garcia the elder get a mere wrist tap from the NYSAC, or would they consider NOT granting him a license to corner his son come March 4, for his career defining fight to be watched by six million or so fight watchers on CBS?

I posed this question to the NYSAC: might they consider not licensing Angel?

“New York State Athletic Commission staff will meet with Angel Garcia to consider his request and suitability for licensure in New York State,” was the reply from their spokesman, Spicey. (Kidding! His name is Laz Benitez and he furnishes as much info as he’s allowed to, he’s not a bad dude.)

In other words: Stay tuned. I’d suggest Angel go the contrite route when applying and hold off on the antics come fight week.

Michael Woods
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