You Like Mayweather v Broner, Pacquiao v Berto?

They are not the new kids on the block, both are past their prime…but their name recognition inside the boxing sphere and even with more casual sports fans are still sky high…and yes, I admit, many of you don’t care about what Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are doing next.

But many of you do…

And even many of you who say you don’t, do

If and when Floyd Mayweather un-retires again—oh, and by the way, his next retirement, I won’t report that using that terminology, I will say “hiatus until proven otherwise” next time—y’all will watch him glove.

You may kick yourself enroute to finding a stream or buying the PPV…but if “Money” does as rumored book a fight with Adrien Broner, you will watch.

Same as when Manny Pacquiao, newly signed to Al Haymon after ditching long-time advisor Michael Koncz, gloves up…our man Mr X says that a Pacquiao versus Andre Berto scrap is being talked about now in the Haymon office.

So…your thoughts, my friends?

We’d see Floyd and Manny do their fights, presumably win, and then set up a rematch from their 2015 fight.

You on board with this plan? Talk to me!

Michael Woods
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