Yuri Foreman Talks About Continuing The Fight

He dropped his head, looked at the floor when I asked about the last time we saw him in a ring.

When was it, Yuri?

He hesitated, grasped for the date, waded past painful memories, maybe, and answered: January 2017, that was the last time Yuri Foreman fought for real in a ring, and no, it wasn’t a stellar night.

Erislandy Lara was the better man when the 154 pounders squared off, in Florida, and on Spike TV. Round four, Lara finished off Foreman, then 37, and at a point, post loss, where he had to look hard at his future. Time to exit the game, go all in on other endeavors?

That was not a win, was it?

It was a disaster,” the 34-3 Brooklyn resident told me during a visit to the famed and fabled fight factory, Gleason’s Gym, in DUMBO. “Apparently, you should not get into a fight, get ready for a fight, if you are preparing for a divorce.”

He smiled as he said it, put on a brave face. “It sounds like an excuse, I put in my preparation as best I could. Now the divorce is done, things are settling, June 24th here at Gleason’s Gym, I’m about to get married.” Yes, back in the ring for another swing…

Foreman has three sons, with his now ex, so yes, he’s involved in a work in progress with relationships, and family life. “After Lara, I thought ‘done,’ I don’t have a desire,” he said. But he kept pondering it. “You need to be in a good head space in order to enter the ring,” he continued. In the right frame of mind, he could lace em up again, and not take part in a “disaster.”

And will he be entering the ring again? He and promoter Lou Dibella parted ways, Foreman said, so he’s looking for a promoter, so he can secure another bout. He gets it, he says, this boxing is a business.

Sure, it stings. But shrugging off the stings, patching up the wounds, and fighting on, it’s the stuff of life.

Michael Woods
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