Arum Visits TALKBOX and We Ask, Is Verdejo Done As A Prospect?

Hall of Fame boxing promoter Bob Arum came on Talkbox and as always, spoke from the hip, while also serving up a heavy helping of promotion of his company, Top Rank.

We touched on a wide range of subjects, including Arum’s star from Fresno, the 140 pound ace Jose Ramirez. “He went to Robert Garcia and found the perfect match as trainer,” Arum said, “and he’s getting better and better, stronger and stronger.” Freddie Roach, Arum said, didn’t work for Ramirez.

He said that, for example, a Felix Verdejo came out with more buzz, but he falls back, and a kid like Ramirez excels and surpasses the more heralded star.

Does Arum think Verdejo is dunzo? “I think we’re holding out hope (on Verdejo),” Arum stated, saying that Felix might be making needed changes so he can live up to his potential.

The deal-maker, who turns 87 on Dec. 8, said that he signed Jose Ramirez, Oscar Valdez and Verdejo at the same time. Arum said he pulled Vasyl Lomachenko, the P4P ace, and asked him to assess the three. Loma said that he thought, after fighting all three in the ams, that Valdez is “decent” but “slow thinking,” and that Ramirez wasn’t too strong and was a bit tentative.

Verdejo was the best Loma had fought in a long spell in the amateurs, Loma told Arum. And, here we are today…

“We felt in Verdejo we had an up no coming superstar,” but to this point, that hasn’t proved true, Arum said. To reiterate, they haven’t given up on the Puerto Rican…

All told, an entertaining and informative session with Arum.


Michael Woods
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