Bob Arum Says Tom Schwarz Tougher Out On Paper For Fury Than Ruiz Was For Joshua

You can file this away, tuck it away, and make of it what you will, because he’s a promoter…

But promoter Bob Arum is insisting that German heavyweight Tom Schwarz will give a solid account of himself against Tyson Fury on Saturday night, in a bout to unfold in Las Vegas, and on ESPN+.

He recalled to IFL’s Kugan Cassius that Axel Schulz, a German, gave his George Foreman a helluva tussle…

..more so than expected, back in 1995. “And that fight, a lot of people said Schulz won. This is gonna be a very, very good fight. And on paper at least Tom Schwarz is a helluva lot more formidable opponent than Andy Ruiz was.

He said that tix are moving well, and there were 1,110 seats left at MGM Grand, as of Monday, and he expects a sold out venue at …”I think by Friday there won’t be anything left,” he said. (And yes, sometimes he gets a little too sunny when speculating on demand, so we shall see.)

Arum said that one reason, maybe the main reason, people are taking to Fury is a trait that appeals to him and resembles him: He tells the truth, he doesn’t just give the people what they want, he traffics in truth. Now, over here, I would more so say that Fury does resemble Arum–they mix and match, truth, and harsh truth, and then they will engage and indulge in promoter-speak. And part of the “fun” is trying to discern their POV and angle.

Michael Woods
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