Bob Arum Touches On Terence Crawford v Errol Spence

Terence Crawford was sparring some on social media with Errol Spence Saturday into Sunday.

Do we have forward movement on the next Crawford fight, against who and when and where?

“Oct 13 in Omaha, at the Century Link, we are finalizing the opponent,” Top Rank boss Bob Arum told me.

We chatted about the jawing between Crawford and Spence, and the difficulty in making such a fight, what with Spence being on “the other side of the street.”

“Would we sit down and try to work out a deal to make Crawford vs. Spence? Absolutely, that’s not even a question. In these fights, we don’t take position ‘we’re the boss, our way or we will not do it,’  then it’s easier for them to turn it down,” Arum told me in a Monday phoner.

“People have to understand Showtime is an entertainment network, they are not in the boxing business, they show boxing because subscribers want them to show it. ESPN is similar, they are not in the boxing business, we are in the boxing busines, and Al Haymon is, so we sit down, keep both guys happy, make the deal….it’s easy, easy, easy.”

Michael Woods
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