Danny Jacobs: “I Think Charlo Is Fairly Immature”

This is a new era within the sport, wherein we see Twitter beefs and such coalescing into being more than chatter eruptions.

Because boxing is a free-form sport, and matchups are made on the go, this dynamic is actually conducive to the structure. If two guys gets some heat from simmer to boil, get a rivalry going with social media back and forth, then that can aid in organically conjuring fights which are meaningful.

Such as…

Within the middleweight division, we’ve seen Jermall Charlo active on social, speaking up about his talent. Him and Danny Jacobs jousted last week, and then the tiff got more real.

Jacobs came upon Jermall backstage at Barclays Center on Saturday, fight night for the Deontay Wilder WBC title defense against Luis Ortiz. I talked to Jacobs for the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast, and asked him to shed any light he could about that moment in time.

Amid all the chatter, between the Saunders’ and Lemieux’ and such, Jacobs told me, he saw it as coming to where “I was being disrespected, and discredited. Now, there’s a difference to where an opponent or a fighter places his viewpoints or opinions on someone else, that’s respectable. But when you’re being disrespectful and you’re also in that person’s backyard, and you’re egging him on to do certain things…I come from a generation where respect is everything, even if you’re in competition with the enemy, there’s a certain respect that you give the enemy. I just think Charlo is fairly immature, I think he doesn’t understand the concept of ‘show respect.’

“I had to come backstage and respectably ask him what was all the talk about. I had no intentions of creating a beef, of making it ugly, of people yelling and screaming. I just simply bumped into him….because he said all these different hings on camera, so I thought it was the perfect time when I walked and bumped into him that the cameras were there because I wanted to see if he had that same energy and bravado and that same time of body language he had on these different videos. He didn’t have that same approach, his brother wasn’t there, even though he had an entourage of 7 or 8 people, I walked straight up to him because I wanted to get my point across. It wasn’t me trying to bully him, it was simply, I’m an alpha male, I’m an old school Brooklynite.and if you come in Brooklyn, and you try to disrespect me…”

Jacobs is cool with him thinking he’s the best, but he thinks Charlo stepped over a line and wasn’t giving him proper respect, as someone who’s done his time in the arena. He wants to promote positivity, he said, and he apologized if it it “came off as a bit brash.”

My three cents: If Jacobs doesn’t get the winner of GGG vs Canelo, Jacobs versus Charlo would be a superb youg gun vs young gun faceoff, two guys in their athletic prime, with a comparable skill set. Would Jacobs ike that? Listen to the podcast to hear Jacobs’ answer. Your thoughts, readers?

Michael Woods
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