IFS Fitness Podcast Ep 48: Ultrarunner David Clark on Addiction, Extreme Weight Loss, & More

Phoenix goes on the road and talks to David Clark.  David is an accomplished endurance athlete, business owner, speaker and bestselling author. At 34 years old, he was 320lbs, addicted to fast food, narcotics and alcohol. He went on to build an 8 million dollar company by the time he was 29 years old.

They dig into deep subjects like addiction, unhealthy habits, finding happiness that are peppered with good humor and gratitude.

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Greg Chertok
About the Author:

Greg Chertok. Greg Chertok, M.Ed, is the founder of New York based Chertok Performance Consulting. Greg specializes in sport and exercise psychology with experience working with athletes and coaches ranging from youth to professionals. Greg’s list of clients includes high performance athletes, high school & NCAA champions, Super Bowl champions, Stanley Cup participants, and Olympic athletes. His expertise and knowledge is evident through his contributions to various publications including the Wall Street Journal, CBS News, Runner’s World Magazine, Women’s health magazine, and the Chicago Tribune, among many others. Greg has also been featured as a sports psychology expert on multiple radio shows, including National Public Radio (NPR), SiriusXM’s “Doctor Radio”, Healthradio’s “Sports Medicine & Fitness Show”, CaptainU radio, and Voice America’s “Enter the League”. ”. Greg is a Certified Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) as well as a Personal Fitness Trainer.