Karlos Balderas Talks Trainer Addition, History With Teofimo, More

The sport is pretty wide open, being that Floyd Mayweather is on the way out, and yes, there are high skill set guys out there, the Crawfords and the Lomachenkos…but there is plenty of room up top for skilled pugilists who also show some personality.

Right now, Karlos Balderas isn’t being talked about as a pound for pounder. Hey, he’s just 6-0 (5 KOs)…But the fighter, signed to Richard Schaefer’s RINGSTAR..

karlos Balderas is with promoter Richard Schaefer.

Karlos with promoter Schaefer, off IG. L Mejia pic. 


.. and aligned with Al Haymon, told us that it’s a matter of time before he starts making heavy-duty noise. He started at age 8, he told us on the Talkbox podcast, and all the prep being done now is to get ready for a world title crack.

Karlos, who is of Mexican descent, told us he will soon be working with Roberto Alcazar and will move to LA soon, to get more great work. His dad Zenon and Uncle David will stay on board, but he wants to flesh out his skill set, with an ace tutor, like Alcazar.

He’s sparred with Vasyl Lomachenko, Jose Santa Cruz and the like years ago, so he feels he knows what level he’s at. He knows that some fighters get moved too fast, so, even though he thinks he matches up well guys in the top ten, he will listen to his team, and hang back. “I just need my body to get its man strength, and develop,” he said.

We will see where his skill set and that man strength quest stands when he gloves up Saturday, Feb. 16, on a card topped by Leo Santa Cruz vs. Rafael Rivera, in a featherweight clash, in Los Angeles. Karlos meets 13-10 foe Jose C. Torres, from Mexico.

He aims to do damage at 130, and said he hopes Miguel Berchelt, the WBC super feather titlist, isn’t holding a belt in the near future, because he doesn’t want to wreak havoc on a countryman.

“I feel like he’s rugged, I don’t feel his boxing skills are all there,” he said, lauding him for being a rugged warrior. “I think I would,” when I asked him if he’d take a fight with Berchelt.

Gervonta Davis, he allowed, is a top tier athlete.

What about some other A grade guys, like Teofimo Lopez? Karlos asked us to turn back the clock to before the 2016 Olympics. He said he fought in a 2015 tourney and fought five days in a row.  “I don’t think I lost one round,” he said, and then he fought on World Series of Boxing events. He did five fights in the WSoB, five rounders, no head-gear, and said that he kicked some tails. The process was convoluted, and some beefed that others deserved to make the Olympics in Rio over Karlos. The guest said that he sparred Teofimo and him sparred, after he’d driven like 20 hours, to Colorado, and he did more than well. He said that Teofimo “got slapped around the very first day,” and said he’d be happy to run it back with Lopez down the line. For the record, Karlos lost in the quarterfinals in Rio, while Lopez, fighting under the Honduras flag, lost in the first round. Perhaps this will get properly sorted in the proper place…

We live to solve mysteries; give us a check mark for discovering that it is Karlos with a “K,” not C. It WAS C, but he legally changed it, to Karlos, like “Killa.” They started calling him that in the gym, and it stuck, so he decided to make it official, just like “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler did.

Balderas told us that he is within about five pounds of his fighting weight, as of Tuesday. He said that he liked how big bro Jose maintained his calm last week, leading into his fight. “I’m in good spirits, I’m just ready to get back into the ring,” he said, noting that he’d been sick, and so he’s amped to get back into the ring swing. (See below, Balderas vs. Alex Silva, in his fifth pro fight, on June 9, 2018).

The hitter said he doesn’t like to watch TOO much video on a foe, over the span of weeks. “I don’t like to overthink anything…we’re prepared, I’ve seen a bunch of styles…I believe I’ve see it all..whoever my opponent is I don’t believe he’s going to be able to take the heat I throw at him,” Karlos told us.

I shared a Richard Schaefer quote, from when the promoter compared his upside to that of Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather. “Yeah, I believe so..if you see my Olympic and amateur resume,” he told us, and he stated he’s been kayoing people since was a kid. Lots of guys didn’t stop people in the amateurs, and he did. Soon, very soon, he will be main eventing. “I’ve been working for this pretty much my whole life,” he continued.

Hear more about why he isn’t a bit further ahead in his development after debuting in April 2017.

Check out the whole episode here if you like.

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