Teddy Atlas Sees Canelo Looking Smaller, And He Thinks “PEDs”

“I have no proof of anything,” said Teddy Atlas, “I just know my eyes have proof of who the bigger guy was, and that was Canelo.”

The ESPN analsyst has been hard on the PED subject for a few years now. When Floyd Mayweather was bringing up the issue, and casting a stern eye at Manny Pacquiao, Atlas wasn’t shy about trafficking in his take on the matter. He doesn’t much pussy-foot around, Staten Island Teddy, and you get why…he’s all about character and decency and acting the right way. And using banned chemicals to get an edge would fall under the umbrella of things that make this old school sort rubbed the wrong way.

Atlas spoke to Marcos Villegas on Wednesday, at the final press conference for the GGG-Canelo sequel scrap, in Las Vegas, which will stand on the most anticipated boxing match of the year in boxing.

“Canelo looks like the smaller guy now,” Atlas noted to Villegas. “Which he was supposed to look like the first time. So…what’s goin’ on?

Teddy continued…He noted how Canelo being suspended might help him, because GGG is that much older.

Villegas asked more about the shrinking physique.

“What do I think? I think PEDs,” Atlas said, sharing that he’s not wanting to become a “BS artist” at this junction of his life. Teddy says his experience of over 40 years in the sport has to make him more than a bit cynical/smart.

Buy Kobe beef, bro, Atlas said. Man failed drug tests…and “suddently he looks dramatically different,” said Atlas, a bit wearily. “Maybe we should do lie detector tests,” the analyst stated.

I wanted to give team Canelo a chance to respond, so I asked Golden Boy’s Eric Gomez if he wanted to respond. “Everyone has a right to their opinion, I differ,” said Gomez.

My three cents: Atlas is a guy who says what other people think, and are afraid to say. Props to him. People are more politically correct than candid these days, and he’s old school. We need more of his type, not less…

Canelo can shut up so much of this talk by winning on Saturday, and showing people that the slimmed down version, under a PED positive cloud, is a super power.

Michael Woods
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