This Is Why I Root For Broner

Adrien Broner isn’t always the most likable public figure. I haven’t always dug his act, for sure.

Never have I enjoyed using cash stacks as mock phones…And yeah, there’s no need to list the laundry list of missteps and fuckups AB has pulled over the years.

He’s been easy to mock in this age where mockery is what many angry folks do best, with that social media megaphone.

But while he has posted the strange and sad material on his own accounts, and had scorn heaped on him for being a train wreck, I’ve done pretty well not to join the chorus. And it’s because I’ve seen that other side of the guy. The pics he posts of him and his kids, it gets to me. It indicates that he is, like me, like most of us who care to admit it, a work in progress.

I see “that” side of the 27 year old again, in this video which…brace yourselves…has him doing yoga.

He sounds like he’s seen the light, and had brutal truths penetrate a stubborn brain. He’s admitted to feeling like life wasn’t worth living and, it appears, knows he needs to change himself, from the inside out, if he wants to stay in the game (aka life).



“Namaste,” Broner says, as a yoga class breaks. Yep, it almost doesn’t compute…

“Training in DC, in Cincinnati, at home, there’s a lot of distractions,” the Ohioan says. In Colorado, he’s dialed in…but he still is AB, still manages to take shots at naysaying critics, show a prickly side, succumb to semi self-pitying in anticipation of the improper reception he thinks he’ll get upon winning when he gloves up Saturday night at Barclays Center.  “I feel like my back is against the wall…When I win, they’ll only make up an excuse, say, ‘He shoulda did that, he’s the bigger guy. So I don’t really give a shit about critics and what they say about me or bash me on the internet. All I’m worrying about is coming inside that ring and putting on a hell of a show.”

And this is part of the “charm” of the guy, and his popularity. He has these different sides. Like Mayweather, he will flash that “bad” side.  And then he blinks his eye and shows some decency. It leaves you guessing, wondering which side will win out. Haters predict Broner will flame out, that this yogi version of himself is just show and built to combust. We shall see…I root for him to succeed.

Michael Woods
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