We Ask Bob Arum, Would He Still Work With Mikey Garcia?

Legenadary promoter Bob Arum took the time to chat with Talkbox about this and that, and he shared
his thoughts on the overall state of the promotional sphere, and some of what’s next for some of his top talent.

We talked about the promotional waters. Are they settled? He said that because “most” of the PBC money is spent, and purses are now back to normal range, so that means that things are more so back to normal. He said that he’s open to signing Al Haymon fighters, because Haymon is a manager, and they can do a new promotional deal, with Top Rank.

Other matters: Arum said that Jose Ramirez will fight July 7 in Fresno and that Regis Prograis, he thinks, will fight on ESPN “later in July” and then he will decide if he wants to enter the WBSS second season. If the Lou Dibella boxer  goes into the tourney, Ramirez won’t fight Prograis, and “will defend his title three times a year.”

Oscar Valdez, he said, will likely be ready to fight in November, after his jaw was broken in his last fight.

And we took some queries from the Twittersphere…

Can and would Bob work with Dana White, if, say, Dana signed “old friend” Mikey Garcia? Or is there too much water under those bridges to make Mikey versus Loma?

“There’s no water under any bridge,” Arum told me, “for me, except that there is water under every bridge, pretty much. I would not hesitate making fights that are good for my fighters, good for the ESPN network and good for the fans. The fact that we promoted Mikey, he fought very well for us, we promoted him, and he left, looking for greener pastures, does not mean it would preclude us from making a fight between Mikey and any of our fighters.”

And Ryota Murata, a middleweight, is co-promoted by Top Rank. He was in Japan for Murata’s April fight and Team Murata, and Mr. Honda, would love to do a big show around New Year’s eve, Murata vs Triple G. “I passed that along with Tom Loeffler,” Arum told me, and Loeffler said, he heard, that Team Triple G is interested.

More great stuff…Did Bob change how he’d market black fighters, after learning what to do and not to do with Floyd Mayweather? Listen to the whole interview, it’s chock full of great stuff.

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